Instead of using wfastcgi to host your Python web server on IIS…

You can also check out another approach that simply starts your Python application, and redirect HTTP ports like a reverse proxy: Configure Python web apps for IIS#Configure the HttpPlatform handler.

There are several pitfalls if you are using wfastcgi, most notably, the FastCGI scriptProcessor name generated by wfastcgi-enable is incorrect if your Python executable path contains whitespace (e.g., “Program Files”).

Coursera Machine Learning Ex.6 2.5: Try your own emails

Perhaps this mail is so short that it seems like a spam XD

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How to close all the presentations in PowerPoint

Okay, I’ve to say I put it here so that I can simply copy & paste & run it when it’s needed.

Some debugging tips on Linq.Expression

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You can generate IL code, and thereby construct a methods, using ‘System.Linq.Expression’ during runtime.Compared to ‘System.Reflection.Emit.ILGenerator’, use expression trees to construct dynamic methods is an easier way to handle IL code.As you know, IL instructions is just like any kind of assemly, which is rather elaborate. I just cannot handle it well enough 🙁 Continue reading “Some debugging tips on Linq.Expression”